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by uradhere

rail road lipsync

hey gang

Im thinking about cutting down a lot of the color details for AOJ to speed up the process and get further along in the ..plot? I've got a definite ending mapped out and Im happy with it. Its a good stopping place. You'll all like it, dont worry. but its pretty far down the road. comic-wise, Im about a year behind the story. Id think cutting color details would really quicken the pace, and I could elaborate with the strips that NEEDneed it. OR cut out less prominant comic pages - it would kindof suck, but its another option.  I just gotta find some ways to move it along a little quicker without sacrificing too much of its quality. If any of you have ideas/opinions take a shot.

Any changes I decide to make wont probably get seen for .. maaath... about two months. my buffer is pretty buff, even with uploading once a day. Im sorry if all this catch up is a little trying to you reader guys. so Im really grateful to all of you for seeing this through with me. Thanks for all of the comments and votes and junk.

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affectionately yours, Jonas

June 6th, 2012

by uradhere

crime licks

got my computer repaired. improvised a usb connector chord using a phone charger, a wheel sander, and superglue. shit is getting so real now. Im gonna get crackin.

,love jonas

and and and check this. slow magic. I designed the mask, I actually got to fit it to the dudes head. he just finished his first tour in europe


May3rd, 2012

by uradhere

creeky teeth

hey the screen on my comupter busted a couple days before Im supposted to leave for Portland. Im just gonna take care offit when I arrive there, and even then it'll take some time to repair. It should be resolved in a week.. or perhaps two. Im sorry about this guys, I've got them backed up somewhere, just gotta.. get my junk together. find an appropriate place to download and edit them.

I figured out sommor html tricks, like dimensions and thumbnails and kiddy stuff like that. moving forward. so slow. thanks for sticking with.

we're having a goodbye beardance in the cave of an abandoned minigolf course inna bit. I've got a good feeling.

April 13th, 2012

by uradhere

cake for breakfast

Hey gang.

now that we've started getting to the good comics, Im going to be slowing down the uploads a little .. maybe one or two a day. Like i've said before, I've been working to make the art a little better, and the story a little bit more cohesive. Thanks for following and commenting and rating and subscribing and reposting or whatever it is you guys are doing. Its awesome and Im way grateful.

I updated the character's page a little, gonna put up sommor pages.. yadda yah

Im living in a fort in the living room right now. Moving out of NC in a couple days. cake for breakfast.

by uradhere

long ways to go

hey gang. so... this site is obviously pretty barebones. but I dont know a damn about HTML, so Im astonished that I made it this far, I'll be editing the site as we move along so expect some changes. starting tomorrow Im gonna be uploading comics four per day (just to get everyone caught up).. looking back at this old crap embarrasses me a little, but fukkit. Its all fun.

This webcomic is a buncha short, scribbely orange comics are excerpts from my life through my own slanted viewpoint .. they are totally out of context. Its mostly disjointed vignettes, relationships, inside jokes, a couple niffty thoughts and dumb adventures sprinkled on over that. somewhere between a soapdrama and a gag strip and a traffic accident.Life. whatever.  I started them when I got supended/expelled from my highschool in... january 2008. And I've been at it since, living my life a little more recklessly in the hopes that a good story would come of it. It gets better.

I guess nows as gooda time as any to start trying to get my name up.. or maybe better wait till the comics get, I dont know, just tell your friends.

love - Jonas