the Adventures of JONAS!

comic about life, adventures, and horrible things. *no more updates, buy the book tho. it's really neat*


23rd May 2013, 10:04 AM in EASTBOUND - home sweet nowhere
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uradhere 23rd May 2013, 10:04 AM edit delete
nov 2011

I forgot to mention the entire purpose of my quest. I was traveling to NC to meet the famous Aaron Dale Johnson .From there, he and i would make enormous paperstacks while teaching kids about how to be awesome at a camp in canada. Aaron Dale Johnson was the friend of a friend that I've never met.

The BigWhupBurger kids were awesome. that's the third time i've said it.
Sindri loved their accents, he would try to mimic them on the road. It was adorable.
I had a plan this whole time, Im sure this comes as quite a shock.